LASPAC is no longer taking orders. (Clicking on the order links will take you to a blank page.) Thank you for visiting.

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Learn how to get a free bumper sticker.

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Gary Johnson yard sign
24″x12″ corrugated yard sign with 9″x24″ wire H-stand. Order now.
1 for $8 (only $8 !!!)
10 for $70 ($7 each)
50 for $300 ($6 each)
Sign without stand
Save money if you don’t need the stands. Order now.
1 for $6 (only $6 !!!)
10 for $50 ($5 each)
50 for $200 ($4 each)

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Gary Johnson bumper sticker
9″x3″ high-quality vinyl stickers. Order now.
1 for $0.45 (only 45 cents!)
100 for $15 (15 cents each)
1,000 for $100 (10 cents each)

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Gary Johnson door hanger
Traditional version

“Have Republicans and Democrats let you down?”
Order now.
5 cents each
100 for $5
1,000 for $50

(Note: We have discontinued the “provocative” door hangers. We still have a few left in stock, so please contact us directly if you want some.)

How to get a free sticker [NOTE: This offer has ended. We are no longer offering free stickers.]

To get a free bumper sticker, just mail a self-addressed envelope to:

Libertarian Action Super PAC
619 Friar Tuck Lane
Austin, TX 78704

If you mail us a self-addressed stamped envelope, we will send you two free stickers. Wow!

Limit one free sticker order per person.

Please note, we’re only asking $0.45 online for individual stickers, currently the same price as a stamp. So you may just want to order online!