LASPAC Final Report

Dear Libertarian,

Thank you for helping Libertarian Action Super PAC (LASPAC) and our efforts to promote Libertarian Gary Johnson for President.

Gary Johnson ended up getting 0.99% of the vote, which was more than double the 0.40% received by Bob Barr in 2008, and more than triple the 0.32% received by Michael Badnarik in 2004.

We’re no longer raising money for LASPAC, but I do want to report to you what we did, and the results of our efforts. We’ve posted a 14-page report with lots of details here:

LASPAC Final Report

Below are some of the highlights:

3,900 yard signs distributed
30,000 bumper stickers distributed
80,000 door hangers distributed
28,000 postcards mailed*
281,000 robocalls made
$167,798 in contributions from 916 contributors
33,527 YouTube video views

*Most of our postcards were mailed in Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Virginia, but we also mailed postcards to about 170 of our top donors around the country.

Our report includes some estimates of the cost-effectiveness (or “bang for the buck”) of our postcards, robocalls, and door hangers.

While we don’t think LASPAC had a dramatic impact on Gary Johnson’s election results, we think our efforts did add to Gary Johnson’s publicity and vote count.

It looks like the Libertarian Party did very well overall. In addition to Gary Johnson’s excellent results, we’ve seen public reports that Libertarians in down-ballot races around the country showed improvements in their vote percentages.

We’re winding down the activities of LASPAC now that the presidential election is over, but I hope that others will make additional efforts in the future to form political action committees to promote Libertarian Party candidates around the country.

Once again, I’d like to thank Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray for doing a great job representing the Libertarian Party. And I’d like to thank LASPAC donors and volunteers who helped to promote the Johnson/Gray ticket.

Take care,

–Wes Benedict

P.S. LASPAC is no longer raising donations, but we hope you’ll continue to support other Libertarian endeavors!

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A Libertarian response to the vice presidential debate


Wes Benedict

A Libertarian response to the vice presidential debate

AUSTIN – October 12, 2012 – Paul Ryan and Joe Biden are equally bad on every major policy. It’s no wonder they were too cowardly to let Libertarian vice presidential nominee Jim Gray join the debate last night.

With the media and the two major parties keeping Libertarians out of the debates, Libertarian Action Super PAC (LASPAC) will be reaching out to voters directly during the last few weeks by mailing and robocalling hundreds of thousands of voters in a few key states to let them know about the Libertarian presidential ticket.

Judge Jim Gray could have wiped that smirk off Joe Biden’s face by simply calling him out for supporting the foolish wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and by calling the Biden-supported PATRIOT Act another gross violation of civil liberties.

While more and more voters support decriminalizing marijuana, Joe Biden helped create the White House Drug Czar’s office in 1988. In contrast, Libertarian Jim Gray, a former judge and  outspoken critic of the War on Drugs, co-sponsored the 2011 California initiative “Regulate Marijuana Like Wine.”

In reaching out to the Tea Party, Jim Gray could have slapped Paul Ryan across the face with Ryan’s votes for the TARP bailouts, GM and Chrysler bailouts, the 2003 Republican Medicare expansion, and wasteful ethanol subsidies. We know what Paul Ryan would be like as vice president, because we have his horrible voting record after 14 years in Congress.

The vice presidential debate last night reaffirmed one thing: on all big issues, the Republicans and Democrats are in complete agreement.

Both the presidential and vice presidential debates have squandered their time on silly semantic arguments and insignificant details. Obama and Romney’s positions are so similar that they have to play stupid semantic games to create the illusion of a difference. The same goes for Paul Ryan and Joe Biden.

The only noteworthy thing about the debate was that Libertarian candidate Jim Gray was not allowed to participate. If Jim Gray had tried to attend, he would have been arrested. Why? Because the Commission on Presidential Debates has only one goal: promoting and perpetuating the Republican and Democratic Parties. This has become so evident that major sponsors like the YWCA and Philips Electronics have recently withdrawn their support from the debates.

Here’s an example of the comical semantics: Paul Ryan said, “Obamacare takes $716 billion from Medicare to spend on Obamacare.” In other words, instead of spending $716 billion on health care, the feds will spend $716 billion on health care. But Joe Biden denies it: he insists that the feds will actually spend $716 billion on health care.

That’s why Americans needed to see Jim Gray up there, cutting through the nonsense and explaining that Medicare is an inefficient and unjust system that needs to be changed. Americans ought to be able to provide for their health care through voluntary choices, not massive taxation and government spending. But Jim Gray was prohibited from participating.

Paul Ryan loves big government, and he is apparently no longer hiding it. That might be a good thing — after all, Americans deserve to know that Paul Ryan supported the hugely expensive TARP bailouts, GM and Chrysler bailouts, No Child Left Behind Act, War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq, 2003 Republican Medicare expansion, and even wasteful ethanol subsidies.

Joe Biden has no interest in protecting civil liberties. He supported the PATRIOT Act and has voted to renew it. He wants to build a Mexican border fence. He voted for the Defense of Marriage Act. He has steadfastly supported the War on Drugs.

Both candidates spent lots of time talking about how they wanted to increase or “not cut” military spending. Unfortunately, the millions of Americans who want to cut military spending are left out in the cold. If Libertarian Jim Gray had been there, he could have talked about the benefits of non-interventionism and cutting military spending. But Jim Gray was prohibited from participating.

The Gary Johnson-Jim Gray ticket plan for peace and prosperity is simple: end marijuana prohibition, bring the troops home from Afghanistan tomorrow, and cut spending by 43%. Do those three things, and American job opportunities will flourish.

Wes Benedict, president of LASPAC, served as Executive Director of the Libertarian National Committee from 2009 to 2011.



Donate here to help LASPAC send postcards.
Donate here to help LASPAC make robocalls.

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TV ad with Jesse Ventura for Gary Johnson

Dear Libertarian,

Please watch our new video ad featuring former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura speaking to two empty chairs:

Link to the YouTube video.

We’d like to run this ad on TV if we can raise enough funds.

We plan to make other ads, and we’re very interested in having others submit ads that we could run on TV.

But first, we need to raise a significant amount — at least $3,000 — to make it worthwhile to go through the trouble of putting these on the air. (We’ve changed the setup so you can donate any amount, but we won’t run TV ads if we don’t raise at least $3,000.)

Please make a contribution now!

–Wes Benedict

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Last call for billionaires for Gary Johnson

Dear Libertarian billionaire,

Libertarian Action Super PAC has “shovel-ready” projects to promote Libertarian Gary Johnson for President.

All we need is you!

Thanks to a generous donation of $100,000 earlier this year, most of the overhead for designing and planning these projects is covered.

We’ve posted the details of our projects so you can see exactly what they are, and how we’ll spend your money. We will spend at least 90% of your contribution directly on the vendors who roll out these projects.

More than anything, Gary Johnson needs exposure and better name recognition. (A recent poll showed 74% of voters have never heard of him.) It’s too late for deep philosophical arguments.

Voters need to hear “Libertarian Gary Johnson for President” clearly, loudly, and often, between now and Election Day.

Early voting has already started in Iowa. It’s urgent to fund these projects now!

Below are my personal priorities if you can help.

First is the swing state of Ohio, because it’s likely that whoever wins Ohio, will win the entire election.

I’m not naive enough to think Gary Johnson will win this election. I wish he could, and I think he’d have a remote chance if he were included in all the nationally televised debates.

But, I think they’re going to screw him out of appearing in the debates.

I want Gary Johnson to have high percentages in swing states so that everybody talks about Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential candidate, for the next four years!

$300,000 will make 7.5 million robocalls — enough to call half the voters in Ohio three times each!  (We can only get phones for about half the voters.)
$20,000 will robocall 500,000 swing voters in Ohio. See our script. (We’ll get Governor Jesse Ventura to make this call if we raise $20,000.)
$1,000 will robocall 25,000 swing voters in Ohio.

Yes, robocalls suck. But so do bailouts, foreign wars, the foolish war on drugs, and the ill-informed votes that keep re-electing the villains who inflict these horrible policies!

Ohio voters: You’re satisfied watching debates without Gary Johnson? Fine. We won’t leave your phones alone.

I’m willing to interrupt every Ohio voter’s dinner or afternoon nap, to peacefully let them know who Libertarian Gary Johnson is — and ask them to vote for freedom instead of tyranny.

What if Samuel Adams and George Washington were afraid of interrupting someone’s dinner?

Billionaires like George Soros and Sheldon Adelson support Democrats and Republicans. Can the Libertarian billionaires and millionaires please step up to the plate and take a few swings for liberty?

We’re begging you, and other Libertarian billionaires like John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods), Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal), and Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks owner), to please help now!

Other projects we’d like to see funded:

$20,000 for billboards.
$100,000 for postcards. (We’d like to target Hispanic voters with these.)

And finally, we’re producing a few TV commercials. They’re almost finished. One features Jesse Ventura. We’ve already gotten a lot of publicity with our earlier Jesse Ventura video “Let Gary Johnson debate!”

We don’t want to waste time arranging to place commercials on TV if they don’t get significant funding. For that reason, we’ve set the lower limit for TV donations at $5,000. But if you donate at least $5,000 to our TV fund, we’ll be certain to put out a hard-hitting commercial.

Finally, we’re not just sitting and waiting for a few billionaires to save the day.

We’ve been providing Gary Johnson for President promotional items for our grassroots activists since we formed the Libertarian Action Super PAC.

We’ve shipped over 50,000 door hangers, 25,000 bumper stickers, and 3,000 yard signs.

By far, the most cost effective thing our grassroots activists can do is continue putting out door hangers. (Daily Paul readers, are you listening?) We’re only charging 5 cents for each door hanger, even though they cost us about 10 cents by the time we pay for shipping. And 5 cents per door hanger is a lot cheaper than 50 cents for each postcard.

Here’s a list of famous Libertarians. Some of them are billionaires. If you and a few billionaire friends could chip in one-tenth of one percent of a billion dollars, I’m confident we’d be able to get Gary Johnson the highest vote totals in the history of the Libertarian Party.

Gary Johnson has been working full-time for three years without pay running for President. I’m not asking for three years of your time. I’m only asking for three days of your pay to promote Gary Johnson for President.

You can only give a maximum of $2,500 directly to the Gary Johnson for President campaign. But there’s no limit to how much you can give to this Super PAC, which is promoting Gary Johnson for President.

Please make your most generous donation immediately. RobocallsPostcardsTV adsBillboardsGeneral donation. If you’re donating more than $5,000, I encourage you to call me to discuss the details.

If I’ve mistakenly assumed you are a billionaire, I apologize. Please forward this to any pro-liberty billionaires you might know.

–Wes Benedict

P.S. It’s only 35 days till Election Day. If we don’t get your money real soon, it will be too late.

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Jesse Ventura: “Let Gary Johnson Debate!”

Dear Libertarian,

Please watch this video featuring former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, asking you to help get Gary Johnson into the debates.

Link to the Youtube video.

Call the Commission on Presidential Debates today at 202-872-1020. Tell them you want to see Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson in the televised debates!

Jesse Ventura’s rapid rise from distant third to winner as a third-party candidate in Minnesota is fascinating and inspiring!

After calling the Commission on Presidential Debates, please post a comment on the Youtube entry thanking Governor Ventura for helping with this video.

Please forward this email to your lists, and share the video on Facebook. Let’s get Gary Johnson into the debates!

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Put Gary Johnson on a billboard!

Dear Libertarian:

Take advantage of this opportunity to get pro-Gary Johnson billboards up. We have some great designs below.

Donate to this project here.

If you make a single donation of at least $2,000, then you can name one of the designs in the “comments” area, and we’ll make sure to put up at least one billboard using that design. (Please identify the design by number: #1, #2, #3, #4.)

If you donate less than that, feel free to make a comment about which designs you like best. We’ll make the final decisions about which designs to use, and where to put them.

We can’t tell you right now where the billboards will appear, but we will try to find high-traffic areas. Prices vary hugely around the country, and even within one city.

Over 90% of your donation will go directly to the billboard vendors. (We have to pay credit card fees and cover some administration.) No matter how much or how little we raise, we will be spending this fund on billboards.

Feel free to contact Wes Benedict at 512-659-8896 or to discuss details.

–Wes Benedict

P.S. You can pick a design if you donate at least $2,000. Donate now!

Here are the designs:





Donate now!

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Posted at

NEW YORK – As Election Day nears, the head of the Libertarian Action Super PAC, Wes Benedict, remains optimistic that an extremely wealthy benefactor will enrich Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s coffers.

“We’re putting these programs out there so donors can quickly see where their money goes if they contribute,” Benedict said during a phone interview. “That’s one of our strategies to show what we’re doing, have a billionaire come out of the woodwork and fund it. These are scalable things. If you robocall a half-million people it’s easy to robocall twenty million people.”

Read the whole article.


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Help send thousands of Gary Johnson postcards to voters

Dear Libertarian:

This is your opportunity to mail Gary Johnson postcards to voters near you, or anywhere in America!

If you donate at least $500, you can pick where they will go!

For a minimum donation of $500, we will send at least 1,000 Gary Johnson postcards to registered voters in the city+state or zip code where you would like us to send them. Use the “comments” area to specify a city+state or zip code (Like “Los Angeles, CA” or “75001”.)

For $1,000 we will send at least 2,000 postcards, and so on. The postcards cost us about 50 cents each to print and mail. (If we find cheaper deals, or get lower rates, we will send even more postcards!)

If you donate an amount less than $500, or if you do not specify a location in the comments area where you want the postcards to go, then we will choose the location where to send the postcards. We will try to be strategic with our choices. In addition to our goal of introducing more voters to Gary Johnson, these are some things we might consider:
* We might target states where the presidential vote might help retain ballot access
* We might target individual precincts so we can measure the effect our postcard has on the vote results
* We might target a swing state and a non-swing state, to see how our results compare

Over 90% of your donation will go directly to the postcard vendors. (We have to pay credit card fees and cover some administration.)

Again, in order for you to choose the location where the postcards are mailed, you must make a donation of at least $500 all at once. We will not be able to add up multiple smaller donations to get to $500. If you would like to target something on a smaller scale than this postcard offer, you might try ordering some of our door hangers for that purpose.

Here is a draft of the postcard we expect to use:

–Wes Benedict

P.S. You can pick where the postcards will go if you donate at least $500. Donate now!

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Let’s make Libertarian robocalls to 500,000 Ohio swing voters!

[We sent the following by email a few minutes ago. View our progress.]

Dear Libertarian:

Please donate to our Ohio Robocall Drive to promote Gary Johnson.

Our goal is to robocall 500,000 independent voters in the swing state of Ohio before election day.

Polls show Ohio is shaping up to be very close between Obama and Romney, and we want to make Gary Johnson an important factor in that race. Keep in mind that, just a few weeks ago, Republicans tried to kick Gary Johnson off the ballot in Ohio — but Ohio Libertarians defeated that cowardly attack.

You can help us flood the Buckeye State with robocalls for 4 cents each. There is no cheaper way to reach so many voters!

$40 will call 1,000 voters.
$100 will call 2,500 voters.
$1,000 will call 25,000 voters.
$2,500 will call 62,500 voters.

Over 90% of what you donate will go directly towards paying the robocall vendors. Your money will not be wasted. It will go directly towards promoting Libertarian Gary Johnson for President. Whether or not we make it to $20,000, we will use all the money for robocalls in Ohio.

Please visit our donation page to read our hard-hitting robocall script.

And please donate to make this project a huge success!

–Wes Benedict

P.S. Donate for robocalls now!

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NBC News: Could super PAC-backed third-party candidates sway presidential race?

Michael Beckel writes:

Wes Benedict, the former executive director of the Libertarian Party who is now the treasurer of the Libertarian Action super PAC, stresses that $100,000 in receipts is “significant,” even if it’s dwarfed by the tens of millions of dollars raised by the pro-Obama and pro-Romney super PACs.

“In Libertarian terms, this is a big step forward,” he said. “We’re in new territory running this super PAC,” he continued. “I hope we make a difference.”

Read the article.

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