LASPAC Final Report

Dear Libertarian,

Thank you for helping Libertarian Action Super PAC (LASPAC) and our efforts to promote Libertarian Gary Johnson for President.

Gary Johnson ended up getting 0.99% of the vote, which was more than double the 0.40% received by Bob Barr in 2008, and more than triple the 0.32% received by Michael Badnarik in 2004.

We’re no longer raising money for LASPAC, but I do want to report to you what we did, and the results of our efforts. We’ve posted a 14-page report with lots of details here:

LASPAC Final Report

Below are some of the highlights:

3,900 yard signs distributed
30,000 bumper stickers distributed
80,000 door hangers distributed
28,000 postcards mailed*
281,000 robocalls made
$167,798 in contributions from 916 contributors
33,527 YouTube video views

*Most of our postcards were mailed in Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Virginia, but we also mailed postcards to about 170 of our top donors around the country.

Our report includes some estimates of the cost-effectiveness (or “bang for the buck”) of our postcards, robocalls, and door hangers.

While we don’t think LASPAC had a dramatic impact on Gary Johnson’s election results, we think our efforts did add to Gary Johnson’s publicity and vote count.

It looks like the Libertarian Party did very well overall. In addition to Gary Johnson’s excellent results, we’ve seen public reports that Libertarians in down-ballot races around the country showed improvements in their vote percentages.

We’re winding down the activities of LASPAC now that the presidential election is over, but I hope that others will make additional efforts in the future to form political action committees to promote Libertarian Party candidates around the country.

Once again, I’d like to thank Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray for doing a great job representing the Libertarian Party. And I’d like to thank LASPAC donors and volunteers who helped to promote the Johnson/Gray ticket.

Take care,

–Wes Benedict

P.S. LASPAC is no longer raising donations, but we hope you’ll continue to support other Libertarian endeavors!

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