Last call for billionaires for Gary Johnson

Dear Libertarian billionaire,

Libertarian Action Super PAC has “shovel-ready” projects to promote Libertarian Gary Johnson for President.

All we need is you!

Thanks to a generous donation of $100,000 earlier this year, most of the overhead for designing and planning these projects is covered.

We’ve posted the details of our projects so you can see exactly what they are, and how we’ll spend your money. We will spend at least 90% of your contribution directly on the vendors who roll out these projects.

More than anything, Gary Johnson needs exposure and better name recognition. (A recent poll showed 74% of voters have never heard of him.) It’s too late for deep philosophical arguments.

Voters need to hear “Libertarian Gary Johnson for President” clearly, loudly, and often, between now and Election Day.

Early voting has already started in Iowa. It’s urgent to fund these projects now!

Below are my personal priorities if you can help.

First is the swing state of Ohio, because it’s likely that whoever wins Ohio, will win the entire election.

I’m not naive enough to think Gary Johnson will win this election. I wish he could, and I think he’d have a remote chance if he were included in all the nationally televised debates.

But, I think they’re going to screw him out of appearing in the debates.

I want Gary Johnson to have high percentages in swing states so that everybody talks about Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Presidential candidate, for the next four years!

$300,000 will make 7.5 million robocalls — enough to call half the voters in Ohio three times each!  (We can only get phones for about half the voters.)
$20,000 will robocall 500,000 swing voters in Ohio. See our script. (We’ll get Governor Jesse Ventura to make this call if we raise $20,000.)
$1,000 will robocall 25,000 swing voters in Ohio.

Yes, robocalls suck. But so do bailouts, foreign wars, the foolish war on drugs, and the ill-informed votes that keep re-electing the villains who inflict these horrible policies!

Ohio voters: You’re satisfied watching debates without Gary Johnson? Fine. We won’t leave your phones alone.

I’m willing to interrupt every Ohio voter’s dinner or afternoon nap, to peacefully let them know who Libertarian Gary Johnson is — and ask them to vote for freedom instead of tyranny.

What if Samuel Adams and George Washington were afraid of interrupting someone’s dinner?

Billionaires like George Soros and Sheldon Adelson support Democrats and Republicans. Can the Libertarian billionaires and millionaires please step up to the plate and take a few swings for liberty?

We’re begging you, and other Libertarian billionaires like John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods), Peter Thiel (founder of PayPal), and Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks owner), to please help now!

Other projects we’d like to see funded:

$20,000 for billboards.
$100,000 for postcards. (We’d like to target Hispanic voters with these.)

And finally, we’re producing a few TV commercials. They’re almost finished. One features Jesse Ventura. We’ve already gotten a lot of publicity with our earlier Jesse Ventura video “Let Gary Johnson debate!”

We don’t want to waste time arranging to place commercials on TV if they don’t get significant funding. For that reason, we’ve set the lower limit for TV donations at $5,000. But if you donate at least $5,000 to our TV fund, we’ll be certain to put out a hard-hitting commercial.

Finally, we’re not just sitting and waiting for a few billionaires to save the day.

We’ve been providing Gary Johnson for President promotional items for our grassroots activists since we formed the Libertarian Action Super PAC.

We’ve shipped over 50,000 door hangers, 25,000 bumper stickers, and 3,000 yard signs.

By far, the most cost effective thing our grassroots activists can do is continue putting out door hangers. (Daily Paul readers, are you listening?) We’re only charging 5 cents for each door hanger, even though they cost us about 10 cents by the time we pay for shipping. And 5 cents per door hanger is a lot cheaper than 50 cents for each postcard.

Here’s a list of famous Libertarians. Some of them are billionaires. If you and a few billionaire friends could chip in one-tenth of one percent of a billion dollars, I’m confident we’d be able to get Gary Johnson the highest vote totals in the history of the Libertarian Party.

Gary Johnson has been working full-time for three years without pay running for President. I’m not asking for three years of your time. I’m only asking for three days of your pay to promote Gary Johnson for President.

You can only give a maximum of $2,500 directly to the Gary Johnson for President campaign. But there’s no limit to how much you can give to this Super PAC, which is promoting Gary Johnson for President.

Please make your most generous donation immediately. RobocallsPostcardsTV adsBillboardsGeneral donation. If you’re donating more than $5,000, I encourage you to call me to discuss the details.

If I’ve mistakenly assumed you are a billionaire, I apologize. Please forward this to any pro-liberty billionaires you might know.

–Wes Benedict

P.S. It’s only 35 days till Election Day. If we don’t get your money real soon, it will be too late.

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