Help send thousands of Gary Johnson postcards to voters

Dear Libertarian:

This is your opportunity to mail Gary Johnson postcards to voters near you, or anywhere in America!

If you donate at least $500, you can pick where they will go!

For a minimum donation of $500, we will send at least 1,000 Gary Johnson postcards to registered voters in the city+state or zip code where you would like us to send them. Use the “comments” area to specify a city+state or zip code (Like “Los Angeles, CA” or “75001”.)

For $1,000 we will send at least 2,000 postcards, and so on. The postcards cost us about 50 cents each to print and mail. (If we find cheaper deals, or get lower rates, we will send even more postcards!)

If you donate an amount less than $500, or if you do not specify a location in the comments area where you want the postcards to go, then we will choose the location where to send the postcards. We will try to be strategic with our choices. In addition to our goal of introducing more voters to Gary Johnson, these are some things we might consider:
* We might target states where the presidential vote might help retain ballot access
* We might target individual precincts so we can measure the effect our postcard has on the vote results
* We might target a swing state and a non-swing state, to see how our results compare

Over 90% of your donation will go directly to the postcard vendors. (We have to pay credit card fees and cover some administration.)

Again, in order for you to choose the location where the postcards are mailed, you must make a donation of at least $500 all at once. We will not be able to add up multiple smaller donations to get to $500. If you would like to target something on a smaller scale than this postcard offer, you might try ordering some of our door hangers for that purpose.

Here is a draft of the postcard we expect to use:

–Wes Benedict

P.S. You can pick where the postcards will go if you donate at least $500. Donate now!

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