Let’s make Libertarian robocalls to 500,000 Ohio swing voters!

[We sent the following by email a few minutes ago. View our progress.]

Dear Libertarian:

Please donate to our Ohio Robocall Drive to promote Gary Johnson.

Our goal is to robocall 500,000 independent voters in the swing state of Ohio before election day.

Polls show Ohio is shaping up to be very close between Obama and Romney, and we want to make Gary Johnson an important factor in that race. Keep in mind that, just a few weeks ago, Republicans tried to kick Gary Johnson off the ballot in Ohio — but Ohio Libertarians defeated that cowardly attack.

You can help us flood the Buckeye State with robocalls for 4 cents each. There is no cheaper way to reach so many voters!

$40 will call 1,000 voters.
$100 will call 2,500 voters.
$1,000 will call 25,000 voters.
$2,500 will call 62,500 voters.

Over 90% of what you donate will go directly towards paying the robocall vendors. Your money will not be wasted. It will go directly towards promoting Libertarian Gary Johnson for President. Whether or not we make it to $20,000, we will use all the money for robocalls in Ohio.

Please visit our donation page to read our hard-hitting robocall script.

And please donate to make this project a huge success!

–Wes Benedict

P.S. Donate for robocalls now!

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