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LASPAC’s activities are complete. This site is just for archival purposes.


Videos with Jesse Ventura promoting Gary Johnson

Last call for billionaires for Gary Johnson

Dear Libertarian billionaire,

Libertarian Action Super PAC has “shovel-ready” projects to promote Libertarian Gary Johnson for President. Read more.

Jesse Ventura: “Let Gary Johnson Debate!”

Help send thousands of Gary Johnson postcards to voters

We’re going to mail thousands of Gary Johnson postcards. Learn more and get involved.

Let’s make Libertarian robocalls to 500,000 Ohio swing voters!

We’ve started a project to make robocalls to independent voters in Ohio. Learn more and donate so we can make this happen!

Here’s a draft of the script we expect to use:

Hello, this is [speaker’s name] urging you and your family to vote for Libertarian GARY JOHNSON for President. GARY JOHNSON wants to legalize marijuana, cut federal spending, and he’s pro-choice on abortion. Our country is in real trouble thanks to Republicans and Democrats. Libertarian GARY JOHNSON is very similar to RON PAUL on many issues. Vote for Libertarian GARY JOHNSON. He will balance the budget with serious spending cuts, end the wars, and protect your civil liberties. Paid for by Libertarian Action Super PAC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Cheap yard signs, bumper stickers, door hangers!

We are dedicated to getting low-cost, high-quality Gary Johnson materials to supporters like you.

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